Congratulations to the Back to School Bash Winners!

Back to School Bash Recap

GMEN University and VP Realty hosted The Back to School Bash and Movie Night on Sunday, August 14th. There were games, food, an introduction to the Fall JAG sports teams and band, the VP Realty Giveaway, and so much more! The entire event was free. The VP Team, including Kelly Zander, A.J. Pitsinger, Shelby Pitsinger, and Rebekah Stout had so much fun and were pleased with the turnout. We are excited to start planning the prizes and giveaways for the kids next year.

VP Realty Announces the Giveaway Winners

Chromebook Winner, Luke Lewis

Meet Luke Lewis, the lucky winner of our Chromebook giveaway. A fun fact Luke shared with us is he loves to eat! Ramen noodles, pizza, and oatmeal are his favorites. He spends his free time pursuing his art, going to Cub Scouts, playing video games, and watching YouTube! He is excited to see his friends and learn more math in the upcoming school year. Congratulations Luke!

Thank you Dan Mullens from Cross Country Mortgage for donating the Chromebook for VP Realty’s Giveaway!

Derthick’s Passes and Merchandise Winner, Evie and Ryan

Meet Evie and her dad, Ryan! They are the lucky winners of our Derthick’s Giveaway. A cool fact about Evie is she loves to draw and paint! She is currently learning to play basketball (her dad said she already has a great shot) and is in her third year of Girl Scouts – also called a Junior. She is looking forward to seeing her friends in the upcoming school year. Congratulations Evie and Ryan! 

Thank you Derthick’s Corn Maze for donating the merchandise and Corn Maze tickets for our giveaway.

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