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The VP Realty Team at team lunch at Los Venados Mexican Restaurant in Mantua, Ohio.

About Community Spotlight

Welcome to the Community Spotlight! Every Thursday, we at VP Realty take time to thank a team member, community member, or local business for all they do to make our community a better place. At VP Realty, we believe it’s important to show people we appreciate them, because it recognizes their hard work, effort, and (hopefully) makes them feel good! If you have something kind to say, share it- Gratitude is a higher frequency. “Showing gratitude will raise your frequency, and it’s important to operate in a place high or above.” – Lauren Patrick

Officer Mike Bussinger of the Windham Exempted School District

Community Spotlight: Officer Mike Bussinger

Officer Mike Bussinger is a valued member of the Windham Community. He is responsible for patrolling and handling service calls for the Windham Exempted School District, but he said his favorite part of his job is getting to greet all the preschoolers and help them open up their milk containers in the morning.

Officer Mike is a 2007 Kent State Trumbull Police Academy Graduate. He lives on a farm in Champion, Ohio with his wife, Grace, and his three children, Addison, Avery, and Elias. They spend their time heavily involved in 4-H and Scouts.

He goes above and beyond to be involved. It is important for him to be a role model for the kids he works with, so he does his best to be a great example. He’s participated in many community events, including the Stuff a Cruiser event – which collects toy donations for Christmas, and he participated in letting people donate a toy for the cause in lieu of a traffic citation.  He takes part in the None Under 21 Program, which is designed to keep 11th and 12th-grade students from drinking and driving during Prom season.

Officer Mike is known for being a kind and caring community member, and the students he works with agree.  We appreciate his willingness to help and his desire to be a role model to the younger generation.

” If I can make a difference in one kid’s life, I can go to bed satisfied. ” – Officer Mike Bussinger

Want to learn more about Officer Mike and the Windham Police Force? Find them on Facebook!

Community Spotlight: Kelly Zander 

Kelly Zander is VP Realty’s Team Lead and an outstanding Garrettsville Community Member. From our Holiday Light Trail to our Outdoor Movie Night, she is always thoroughly involved in making the magic happen. 

Kelly also puts a lot of effort into providing for the community independently. In 2023, Kelly decided to start the Book Corner on Buckeye Block. The Book Corner – a spot where you can give or take a book as desired –  is a great free resource for community members who do not have the resources to get books themselves. 

During the Farmer’s Market, she put on a weekly themed event for anyone to participate in, which was a fantastic opportunity for community members to come together and spend time with one another while learning about something new. She also puts time into helping other businesses and residents put on events by providing her expertise and guidance when she can. 

Kelly is an amazing realtor who makes immense effort to ensure her clients are taken care of. You can learn more about Kelly Zander at If you’d like to work with Kelly, you can reach her at ‭(330) 671-5518 or check out her Facebook Page here‬. 


Community Spotlight: Garrettsville Nutrition

Jillian Andrikanich sitting with a Mega Tea at Garrettsville Nutrition
Thank you to Garrettsville Nutrition owners, Jillian Andrikanich and Adam Andrikanich, for always participating in community events and bringing the fun of specialty drinks to Garrettsville! Jill and Adam love the small-town atmosphere of Garrettsville. Raising their boys in a safe place is a big part of the reason they moved back to the area! Garrettsville Nutrition was taken over by Jill and Adam about 1.5 years ago.  They decided to start their own business as a way to stay involved with the community.
Adam handles the creative social media content, and Jill handles day-to-day operations.
Jill’s favorite drinks are the Carnival candy mega-tea and the Butterscotch Cookie shake.
Upcoming Garrettsville Nutrition Specials for February 2024  is the Red Velvet Shake – which will be $1 off! Tea specials are weekly.
We are so thankful to be a part of the same community as Garrettsville Nutrition! Keep updated with them on their Instagram and Facebook accounts, and make sure to stop in for a delicious Mega-Tea or Shake!

Community Spotlight: Lauren Patrick

Lauren Patrick, VP Realty’s Broker

Thank you to our broker, Lauren Patrick, for the endless effort she puts into the community. Lauren loves Garrettsville and spends a lot of her time participating and putting on free community events for members to enjoy. Lauren and her team put on the annual Halloween Decorating contest and Holiday Light Trail every year, and we were blown-away with the outstanding participation we had in the 2023 Holiday Light Trail, which brought in over 950 votes this year!

Lauren splits her time between Garrettsville and Gulfport, Florida while she operates her many different businesses. Her short-term rental business, Enjoy Your Journey Stays, has become incredibly successful with the hours of work she puts into making it perfect.

We at VP Realty are very thankful to have a broker who is committed to making the community an even better place.

Interested in working with Lauren? You can learn more about Lauren and her many different ventures here. Learn more about Enjoy Your Journey Stays! Keep updated on the VP Realty team at


Community Spotlight: Shelby Pitsinger

Shelby Pitsinger of the Pitsinger Team at VP Realty

Thank you to Shelby Pitsinger of The Pitsinger Team at VP Realty! Shelby does so much for VP Realty beyond selling houses. She is always willing to help us put on events for the Garrettsville Community.

In September 2023, VP Realty hosted a Free Outdoor Movie Night where local community members came out to watch The Sandlot. Shelby and her husband, AJ, were incredibly involved in getting this event prepared for the community. With their help, we were able to host it from the Garrettsville Village Park Ball Field – the perfect setting for a baseball movie! Before that, in April 2023, Shelby hosted an event: the Easter Egg-Stravaganza, which was exceptionally successful!

Shelby has been incredibly successful with her real estate sales in the past year. We are so proud of how far she has come and we are excited to watch her grow with us! Interested in having Shelby as your real estate agent? Follow The Pitsinger Team on Facebook! You can learn more about Shelby and the rest of the VP Team Here.

Community Spotlight: The Main Street Barbershop of Garrettsville

Chris Blewitt, owner of The Main Street Barbershop of Garrettsville, doing what he does best! Call to book your appointment today!

We want to say thank you to The Main Street Barbershop owner, Chris Blewitt, for being so involved in the Garrettsville community (and for treating the VP Team to delicious Christmas Cookies). The Barbershop is located at 8106 Main Street in the beautiful Historical District of Garrettsville and is open seven days a week.

The Main Street Barbershop is veteran-owned and operated. They opened one month after the lockdown (Covid) and built their clientele base from the ground up. This is Chris Blewitt’s 1st venture as a business owner. We appreciate Main Street Barbershop’s support of our community events and for providing valuable feedback on our marketing!

The Main Street Barbershop of Garrettsville has made its way across the globe! Friends of Chris have shared pictures wearing The Main Street Barbershop of Garrettsville apparel around the world. Some hot locations include Alaska, England, India, and so much more!! Follow The Main Street Barbershop of Garrettsville on Facebook!

Check back next week to see who is in the community spotlight!

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